I.T. Solutions

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle can provide you with a one stop shop for I.T. Services. We can provide Web Design, Hosted Servers, Web Hosting, Email services & spam filtering, Office 365 from Microsoft and Online Backups. All of these services can take your business forward, protect your data and allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

Web Design

web design services

You have 7 seconds to make an impression on a potential client. Good webdesign is important in this process, but it isn't the only factor in delivering a solid web presence and reputation for your company. In modern world it is quite easy to take the easy route and invest in a simple drag and drop type system that provides a glossy finish with no real impact on the web. Good modern websites must be responsive and mobile friendly, they must get you noticed by search engines like Google and Bing. It has to be optimised in the background so that it can pass web standards so that your position in search results gets you noticed. We will work with you closely to provide your business with the presence it needs to help your business go to the next level.

Office 365

microsoft office 365

Get secure Office for your business with all of the familair and recognised apps by Microsoft and more.

  • Access files anywhere - online or offline
  • Get monthly security updates & feature releases
  • Use the web version of Office — with rich features
Servers for Every Need

Service is core to our business. We view every project as the start of a long-term partnership with our client and provide a support and maintenance service that is both responsive and proactive.

  • Different server typesVirtual, Cloud and Dedicated Servers
  • High securityGuaranteed reliability thanks to geo-redundant technology
  • Many possible usesWebsites, mail, apps and more
FOR COMPLEX REQUIREMENTS - A large selection of high performance servers for medium to large projects, from budget to high-end developer. Professional servers with up to 12 cores.
FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED PROJECTS - Utilize a virtual server as your entry into the server world, for example as:
  • A web or email server
  • A community or blog server
  • A small store server
FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY - Ideal for ever-changing requirements, for example a seasonal online store or one with high traffic variables.
Billing on an hourly basis.
server image
Additional I.T. Services
  • Web hosting
  • Email Services
  • Email Spam Filtering
Cloud Computing Services

cloud computing services

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle offers a host of cloud based products providing everything your business needs minus the cost of having to buy and maintain expensive equipment. As well as hosted servers, we provide email, web hosting, online backup, spam filtering and office productivity apps. Cloud based computing keeps you safe, backed up and constantly up to date. Marry this with Hosted IP Telephony and you will have flexibility, security and the ability to work from anywhere in the UK

What are the benefits?
  • Work from any location
  • Complete online access to manage your solution
  • Secure off site backups
  • Cost Reduction

slow broadband snail

Most broadband connections use ADSL over the BT Broadband telephone network, so in order to use one of the ADSL providers you would need to have standard phone lines installed.

How Does Broadband Work?

Broadband is a technology that transmits data at high speed along cables, ISDN / DSLs (Digital Subscriber Lines) and mobile phone networks. The term 'broadband' refers to a wide range of frequencies which can be divided into channels.

The speed and price of your broadband will depend on the way it is delivered.

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle is a leading provider of telecommunications, broadband wifi-infrastructure and network installation services. We offer customers (throughout the UK) a fast, reliable Broadband service based on a flexible and resilient infrastructure which delivers a high class, affordable service. Our impressive, high speed service and first class support service provides a considerably improved Internet experience.