Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones, Devices & Plans

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle can supply the latest mobile handsets and equipment, connected to the best value mobile phone tariffs from all major mobile phone manufacturers and network operators, and has buyers working hard to ensure that our equipment is sourced at the most competitive prices.

Mobile Data

iphone 6 & iphone 6 plus

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle can offer you a complete range of mobile Data devices to support your business with maximum ROI. If you need a fleet of the latest devices to support your sales staff out on the road, we can provide that, or if you simply need a single mobile broadband dongle to keep you up to speed wherever you are, we can provide that too. Remember, our in-house data specialists are here to support you along the way.

Fixed Cellular Terminals

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle can proudly offer the full 2N GSM Gateway product range. Not only can we offer a full disaster recovery option but we will tailor in a complete bespoke Managed Service throughout the agreement. With monthly analysis of your FCT usage as well as savings of up to 70% on your existing fixed solution a Gateway could prove a vital component in your business costing saving strategy.