Professional Telecom Audio

Chaser Communications Telecoms Newcastle directly supply professional telecom audio to your business.

If you are in the market for professional telecom audio services we can also provide these telecoms services along with network services like line rental, IP Lines & broadband.

Find out more info below or contact us by email or phone us on 08453403703.

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Efficiency & Pricing

By automating script entry with easy to use wizards and having a closely controlled process between Customer and Voice Actor, we’ve increased efficiency, removed all manual communications and as a result, driven down the pricing. We’re like ebay for Telecom Audio!

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Music & Actor Choice

With over 300 Royalty Paid tunes and an ‘open market’ for Voice Actor’s, we’ve increased the choice available to everyone. We select the best actors and give them star status to make sure the best appear first. No one else offers cross-continent voice talents like us.

24/7 service
24/7 with speed!

Customers and Voice Actors often work out of hours. This means your customers can place an order at night time or weekend, your Actor gets an immediate SMS and can upload the recording within a few short hours. We’ve had scripts recorded and completed in under 1 hour!

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0% Hassle

Everything we do is to help you promote your service virtually zero hassle. Gone are the days when scripts and recordings are passed between dealer and customer in a seemingly endless loop.